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machane yehudah

a melting pot of worldwide cuisines in the heart of the city of gold

Come experience one of Israel's first "shuks," where old meets new, where produce vendors and spice shops sit side by side next to boutique coffee shops, breweries, and delicious street food. Jerusalem is where it all began, and that rings true until today; some of the best restaurants have their start in the alleys of Machane Yehudah. So come taste all that this shuk has to offer, from steaming Argentinian empanadas to tahini fresh from the traditional stone grinder.

length of tour:

2-2.5 hours

the tour is personalized to your specific needs, kashrut (kosher), different food preferences, allergies, and more.

there are about eight stops on the tour, with many tastings from a range of cuisines, from starters to sweets.


2-4 individuals: $130 per person

5-9 individuals: $110 per person

10+ individuals: $90 per person

children ages 8-12: $75 per child

children 7 & under: free

(All food and drink provided on the tour is all inclusive, no money needed for the food and drinks on the tour)

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