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a hipster hangout where Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies share a stage.

Set in the northern end of the hipster neighborhood of Florentin in Tel Aviv, Levinsky is one of the best spice markets in all of Israel, where home cooks and gourmet chefs alike source their spices. But the hiddens gems are the delicious eateries dotting Levinsky's landscape. Some are generations old, dating back to the 1920s, while others started more recently, with the regeneration of the market. Be it a fermented fruit soda just asking for an Instagram moment or a steaming hot crispy kubaneh, Levinsky Market will fulfill your foodie dreams.

length of tour:

2-2.5 hours

the tour is personalized to your specific needs, kashrut (kosher), different food preferences, allergies, and more.

there are about eight stops on the tour, with many tastings from a range of cuisines, from starters to sweets.


2-4 individuals: $130 per person

5-9 individuals: $110 per person

10+ individuals: $90 per person

children ages 8-12: $75 per child

children 7 & under: free

(All food and drink provided on the tour is all inclusive, no money needed for the food and drinks on the tour)

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