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Traditional Tel Aviv, with local street food, international treats, & touristy treasures.

Carmel Market is located in the heart of Tel Aviv next to the storied Yemenite Quarter. At first glance, the market seems like a place to get cute trinkets and t-shirts with fun Hebrew phrases, but we do a deep dive, exploring the alleyways and tasting the best cuisines that Carmel has to offer. Fresh juices, fried treats, and even a druze pita filled with labaneh and za'atar, Carmel is a world in and of itself.

length of tour:

2-2.5 hours

the tour is personalized to your specific needs, kashrut (kosher), different food preferences, allergies, and more.

there are about eight stops on the tour, with many tastings from a range of cuisines, from starters to sweets.


2-4 individuals: $130 per person

5-9 individuals: $110 per person

10+ individuals: $90 per person

children ages 8-12: $75 per child

children 7 & under: free

(All food and drink provided on the tour is all inclusive, no money needed for the food and drinks on the tour)

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