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Levinsky Market is a bustling street market nestled in the Northern end of the Florentin neighborhood. With an All-American bakery, the local Halva joint, Persian homemad...
Levinsky Market Tour
2 hr
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Eating around Shuk Levinsky was such a treat! Gavi met my parents and I in this area of Tel Aviv none of us had ever been to before. It was such a special, local experience having done so many “touristy” Tel Aviv trips in the past. Gavi walked us through the neighborhood, telling us about the history of the area and how it influenced the tastes and vibes at each stop along the way. His warm relationships with each eatery owner allowed us to have an authentic experience we couldn’t have gotten with anyone else. Whether you’re a foodie at heart or just looking for something different, I highly recommend EAI for anyone looking for something fun to do with family or friends! Gavi’s truly the best!

Shoshi Weinstein - Givat Shmuel, Israel  



Eating Around Israel is a contemporary Israeli culinary experience taking place all over Israel. In the heart of each city stands a “shuk,” a marketplace sprawling with fruits and vegetables, mountains of spices, the freshest salads and pickles, dried fruits, and a diverse variety of Israeli foods. In recent years, boutique bakeries and independently-owned restaurants have replaced these local “bastot” (shops/stands) in an attempt to bring new life to these local shuks, considered to be historical landmarks. And that’s where we come in. Eating Around Israel is a chance to experience the meeting point between these two worlds. A "shuk tour" is a real-time local culinary experience, personalized to your specific needs, where we will explore the cultures and the food that lie at the heart of each and every shuk. To taste a freshly squeezed Gat Lemonade followed by a basket of steamed dim sum. To roll up Injera just before drinking a local Israeli craft beer. To taste, to live, and to experience these cultures all in one place.

A little bit about me

Gavi Nelson

Hey guys! I'm Gavi :)

Originally from New York, I moved to Israel six years ago. Upon my aliyah I drafted to the Artillery Corps, where I served as a commander. Following my release from the army, I started working in various restaurants in the Machane Yehudah Market, or “the shuk.” There I fell in love with all that this eclectic landmark in the heart of Jerusalem has to offer. Coming from a true “foodie” family, working in the food industry was unavoidable and the love of all things food a lifelong passion. That paired with my allergies to dairy, nuts, and sesame was quite the challenge in Israel, the land flowing with milk, honey, and sesame. However, from the worldwide cuisine to the vegetable vendors and from the graffiti-filled walls to the street musicians, “the shuk” truly has something for everybody. With that in mind, I started my “Eating Around Israel” Shuk Food Tours, giving you the chance to embark on a customized tour with a seasoned Jerusalem local. And after a short stint in the small city of Ariel, I moved to the big city of Tel Aviv, where I expanded my tours to include the fascinating shuks that the "White City" has to offer: Shuk HaCarmel and Levinsky Market. Eating Around Israel is about searching and exploring, finding those local spots that you may have walked right by. So whether its sharing a plate of homemade hummus or tasting some local Israeli craft beers, let's create those memories of your trip to Israel through tastes, textures, & scents. 



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Machane Yehuda Market

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Carmel Market

Levinsky Market

Hatikva Market *coming soon*

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